Boite Metallique murale fibre 12/24 ports  INTERIEUR, sans adaptateur.


Product Description

TS-ODF-FXH24 Fiber Optic Wall Mount Patch Panel is currently being widely used for distributing outdoor optical cable in indoor conditions. It is very suitable for FTTx uses.

This cabinet offers ideal environment for fibers to be spliced and well organized under outdoor environment.

The cabinet has functions of cable termination, splicing, distribution and cross-connection.

Solid and fully-closed structure with the advantages of good performance of dust-proof, pleasing and neat appearance.

Easy installations: Wall mountable.

Ideal for indoor uses – cable entrances & exits located on both top and bottom.

Lock provided on every cabinet ensures the safety of the fibers.

The central adapter board separates the incoming cables and the exiting fibers.

Central adapter board is movable for easier installation (for capacity 12-24 cores.)

Adapters are installed on  adapter holders, no screws need for installing any type adapters, which is very easy for future maintenance and keeps the transmission loss at low level.

Adoptable adapter types: FC, SC, LC/Duplex.

Product Name   FTTH fiber optic terminal box
Size   6,8,12,16,24 ports
Material   Hot rolled steel, Cold rolled steel, Stainless steel, Aluminum
Feature   Dust proof,water tight
Color   Grey, Black, Blue, Red etc.
Surface Finish   Powder Coating/Polishing/Electroplate/Printing


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