Fiber optic splitter distribution box 16-24 ports outdoor

Boite optique pour FTTH,16 ports, installation exterieur, livré sans splitter et adaptateurs

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Product Description

TS-FTB-16P OUT is widely applied in FTTH
network, telecommunication network, CATV network, data communication network
and local area network(LAN).

Product features

Industry Standard User Interface, is made of high impact plastic.

Light and handy with easy maintenance, has special key-operated switches.

Anti-UV,Ultra violet resistant and rainfall resistant.

Splicing tray is divided into two parts, which is bilevel and turnable.


3 inlet ports, 16 or 24 outlet ports.

Can accommodate PLCsplitter and box style splitter. Max splitting :116.

Can be used in indoor and outdoor, Wall-mounting.

Main technical specifications

■Max size(D×W×H): 335 × 296 × 117mm

■Weight: 1.75 kg

■Radius of curvature: ≥40mm

■Splice tray excess loss:≤0.01dB

■Stored coiling fiber length:≥1.6m

■Max capacity(single fiber): 24 cores

■Temperature range: – 40℃ ~ + 70℃

■Lateral compression resistance: ≥2000N / 10 cm

■Impact resistance:≥20N.m

TS-FTB-16P OUT 16 ports box , without adapter and PLC splitter, outdoor