Manchon fibre optique pour OPGW- ADSS cable.




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Product Description

GW cable connection protection, has the function for direct connections and divergence connection, which can out of 4 cable, installed in the overhead pole, tower.

Used for OPGW and ADSS cable

Montage sur Pole ou sur tour

a. Joint Box using aluminum alloy shell, resist-corrosion, high mechanical strength.

b. Joint box seals with seal ring and silicone, simple operation, open repeatedly, easy maintenance.

c. the special fixture of towers and pole.c. can make joint box connect ground according to the requirements ,equipped with.

a. fiber radius of curvature ≥ 43mm.

b. fiber length of the plate to stay ≥ 1500mm.

c. additional attenuation of optical disks to stay≤ 0.01dB.

d. the maximum capacity of fiber optic≤ 144-core optical fiber.

e. suitable temperature range -40 ℃ ~ +80 ℃.

f. flattening performance 2000N/100mm.

g. Weight 6.7kg. h. Overall dimensions 480mm (H) × 200mm (φ).

a. OPGW fibers.

b. In and out

c. Divided into pole used and tower used. If pole used, it need to provide the pole diameter.


Splice_closures_for_opgw: PDF