Testeur de cable réseau RJ45-RJ11: est un testeur de cable  CAT5/5e/6 et coaxial cable, test de continuité et inversion de pair crossed pairs.

Product Description

   TESTJ45-RJ11           Testeur de cable réseau RJ45-RJ11

The Cable Tester for CAT5/5e/6 and coaxial cable tests for cable continuity and  crossed pairs.

One person can check both ends of installed wiring with remote and local units.

Tester for CAT5/5e/6 and coaxial cable.

Power on indicator.

Visible LEDs for pins 1 though 8.

Visible LEDs for ground and BNC status.

Check pinouts, continuity and crossed pairs.


TESTJ45-RJ11 Datasheet: PDF