Tiroir Fibre Optique 48-72 Ports SC Duplex

Tiroir coulissant 19-inch rack mount pour adaptateurs ST, SC, LC, MTRJ, FC. Avec sortie latérale des jarretières, le boitier peut être utilisé pour ranger le surplus des jarretières dans le répartiteurs fibre

Product Description

Slidable Rack-mount Fiber Optic Distribution Frame has aluminum sliding fittings with self-locking functions prevent the drawer from falling when moved; 19-inch rack mount for ST, SC, LC, MTRJ, FC adapters.

The drawer is the holding board for splicing, easy to withdraw the fibers when testing and distributing.

Model Fiber Quantity Height Dimension(mm) Weight(Kg)
TS-ODF-SC48 48 2.5U 486*320*100 7.5
TS-ODF-SC72 72 3U 486*320*140 8.5.

Standard size, light weight and reasonable structure

Slide out drawer for easy cable management

Suitable for ribbon and single fiber

Compact design for space saving

Various panel plate to fit different adapter interface

Front mark on the plate is easy for identification and operation

Cold-rolled steel Application:Telecommunications subscriber loop, Fiber to the home (FTTH), LAN/WAN; CATV

  Reference                  Designation
  TS-ODF-SC48    TIROIR OPT  48 Ports 1U, SC Simplex Vide
  TS-ODF-SC72    Tiroir Optique 19"1U, 72 Ports SC  Simplex)


Ts-odf-sc24: PDF