ECHOMETTRE localisateur de  défauts sur câble cuivre : court-circuit/ coupure ainsi que forte resistance.

Indique  la distance jusqu’au defaut sur la cable

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Product Description

TS-1800N cable Fault Locator  is used for test break, short circuit faults of telephone cable data cable, high frequency cable, coaxial cable, and so on.

TS-1800N can do auto test of various faults, and the details as follows:

– DGAC( Digital gain auto control ): This will reduce the waveform distoration caused by the Potentiometer knob; and also can be used for pure line adjust which is convenient for manual test;

– Auto identification technology of the digit waveform: The unit canautomatically indetify the waveform that difficult to judge manually and test the dead zone clearly;

– Adopts high end (True 32-bit) ARM chip to cooperate with FPGA(Field programmable gates array technology ), which will be in favor of performing the complicated operation and judging the faults wave correctly;

– Big screen color LCD display, human interface with CN/EN menu, six keys to perform all operation completely.

– High-energy lithium battery, which ensure the working time last for 10 hours.

1) Max measurement range ( Mannual): 8KM
2) Max measurement range (Auto): 4km
3) Max resolution: 1m
4) Dead zone: 0m
5) Power Consumption: 1W
6) Weight:0.5kg
7) Dimensions: 204*100*36mm
8) Working temperature: -15 ~ ℃ +45℃
Storage temperature: -20 ~ ℃ +55℃

1) Carry case.
2) Re-chargeable battery and charger/adapter.
3) Test Line
4) User Manual
5) CD (Just for USB function)
6) U-disk (Just for USB function) (option: upon order)


TS1800N datasheet: PDF