Testeur de cable  (avec traceur de  tonalité  TPT-8010A & R2-R8)


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Product Description

TPT-8020A is an easy-to-use and portable test set with advanced cable locator and simple network tester in one unit.

Besides identifying wiremap, measuring the cable length, diagnosing cable faults and tracing cables, the TPT-8020A can also be used to simply perform network testing.

It is an absolutely necessary tool for cabling construction and network maintenance.

Comprehensive functions: support cable testing and network testing

Tone tracing: locate the cable on DDF without sorting out cables

Net Scan: fast scan all of the active hosts in the LAN

Test several cables simultaneously by selecting multi-remote ID

Cable Test:
– Length measurement: twisted-pair, phone line, coax and wires, etc.
– Wiremap testing: display wiremap, conduct tests of STP/UTP and diagnoses faults for shorts, opens, reversals, miswires and split pairs and perform cable testing per T568A/B standard
– Tone generation: generate up to 4 distinctive tones for tracing cables
– Port identification: identify port and jack type, such as telephone and Ethernet, with speed and duplex information, up to 1000Mbps

Network testing:
– Flashing port LED to locate a hub or switch port
– Ping test and packet loss detection
– Support s t a t i c and DHCP dynamic IPconfiguration
– Net scan to verify active host quantity in the subnet and display IP and MAC Address

– Auto-off for power saving
– Backlight LCD display, easy to operate even in the darkness

Main indicators:

Size 134×74×46(mm)
Weight 300g
Language Chinese, English
Screen 128×64
Operation Keyboard
Port RJ45
Battery 9V
Operation time(Cable testing / without backlight) 50H
Operation time(Network testing / without backlight) 15H
Testing Indicators
Cable length testing range 1–457 m
Single end testing Support
Adjust length parameter Support
Wiremap Support
Wrong cable testing Opens, shorts, split pairs, miswires
Simultaneous cable testing
8 lines with 8 remote ID
Tone generation 4 distinctive tones
Ping testing Display packet loss
DHCP testing Display acquired IP, gateway and DNS server
Network scan Display searched host information
Port identification Display telephone voltage and network attribution

Typical applications

Port identification

Cable length testing

Tone generation

Flashing port

Simple network testing